The Smart Concept Fund

October 24, 2018

The Smart Concept Fund is a Business Support initiative offered by the University of Wolverhampton, with part-ERDF funding. It provides Proof of Concept grants to SME’s that are looking to develop and launch innovative products on the market.

One recent beneficiary is a Wolverhampton – based company developing a new anti-cancer therapy.
Disulfican Ltd, have been awarded a 50% grant worth £22k from the Smart Concept Fund to purchase a live cell-imaging system. This equipment is seen as vital to the ongoing development of the promising new cancer treatment based upon the use of Disulfiram (DS), an old anti-alcoholism drug.

Without the grant, Disulfican would have been unable to purchase the required equipment, which is needed so that it can participate in an international collaboration preparing the ground for clinical trials. The DS compound possesses excellent anticancer activity with low toxicity to normal cells, but breaks down quickly in the bloodstream and loses its anti-cancer profile. By protecting the DS within a nano-particle, Disulfican Ltd have been able to maintain the drugs anti-cancer profile for longer, and proven that the treatment is effective against a range of cancers.

Disulfican is working in an exciting area of Life Sciences, but local SME’s in a range of sectors can benefit from the Proof of Concept grants on offer from the Smart Concept Fund. Find out more at:

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