#GEARINGFORGROWTH2022: Climate Change

#GEARINGFORGROWTH2022: Climate Change

March 21, 2022
Online Workshop via Zoom
9:30am - 10:30am

Can you name the biggest concern that is likely to impact your business? Are you aware of the trends in climate impact and consequences? Do you know about the opportunities that being climate aware can bring?

In this short interactive seminar we explore the outcomes of over 10 years of research from the presenter. We will consider, in simple terms, the science of climate change, discuss current trends and explore the future likely scenarios of a continually warming planet and what that means for business, commerce and individuals.

About the speaker:

Lewis Endlar, Lecturer in Business & Management

As a Lecturer in Business and Management at Keele Business School and the Director of Executive Education and Continuous Professional Development (CPD), Lewis is able to deliver on a range of undergraduate and postgraduate modules on our business degrees and MBA and Executive programmes as well as other postgraduate apprenticeship courses within the University.

Lewis also held the position of Director of Short Courses and Commercial Activities liaising with many SME’s and larger organisations in the UK and internationally including the top 4 consultancy companies worldwide.

Since the early 90’s Lewis has led numerous workshops, courses and programmes to include information systems, project management, business strategy, e-marketing and management, climate change and sustainability, business process re-engineering and so on.

Lewis has a particular interest in emerging technologies in the re-design of business processes, systems theories and methodologies, people and organisations, motivation theory and teams, leadership, managing change, knowledge management and applied learning techniques, including blended learning.