Employer Suicide Awareness & Prevention Webinar

Employer Suicide Awareness & Prevention Webinar

October 1, 2020
Online Webinar via Zoom @ 2pm
2:00pm - 12:00am

Employer Suicide Awareness & Prevention

As part of the Stoke-on-Trent and Staffordshire Health & Wellbeing Support Series, Altruist Enterprises will be delivering this webinar, designed to increase awareness around suicide prevention. Altruist Enterprises are currently working in partnership with the Staffordshire Suicide Prevention Board to provide fully-funded online Mental Health First Aid training to SMEs in the area.

This interactive session will provide guidance for employers and employees on how to recognise suicidal behaviours and signpost individuals to the appropriate support.

Topics will include:
– The opportunity for Mental Health First Aid training
– Risk factors for suicidal behaviour
– Early warning signs and how to respond in a crisis
– Available support
– Self-care

It is good to stimulate conversation around suicide, for some people however, this live session might be emotive. Delegates are welcome to leave the webinar at any time.



Meet the Speaker: 

Sharon Davies –
Sharon has 16 years’ experience working in mental health including 7 years’ experience delivering mental health first aid training to a range of audiences. Sharon supports mental health initiatives within workplaces and is also an active member of Walsall’s suicide prevention board. She has specific interest around the connection between a healthy mind and body, and believes in looking after yourself physically as well as mentally.