#GEARINGFORGROWTH2022: Cyber Security and Business Continuity Planning for your Small Business

#GEARINGFORGROWTH2022: Cyber Security and Business Continuity Planning for your Small Business

March 8, 2022
Online Workshop via Zoom
9:30am - 10:30am

In partnership with FSB.

Cyber Security – Last year, the world celebrated a rather special birthday – what started 30 years ago and turned into a place of boundless possibilities that has transformed the way that we communicate, socialise and do business – the World Wide Web (WWW) – has also shown a dark and sinister side to this newly gained reach.  For those small firms making the leap to online, they are opening themselves up to relentless and ever-changing cyber-crime.

Cyber breaches cost the average small business £25,700 while government stats show that the annual cost to business of cybercrime is £21bn a year.  The current climate has seen a rise in scam emails, texts and calls looking to exploit vulnerable individuals and businesses.

With many businesses and employees continuing to work from home even as we seek to emerge from the pandemic, there has been an increase in online business scams. In addition, many businesses are facing new cyber security challenges, as employees use new software and devices at home.

This session will outline some top tips which delegates can implement immediately in their business to help protect themselves from cyber-attacks, as well as information on what to do if they do become a victim.

Business Continuity – In addition, the pandemic blindsided a great number of small businesses, many found themselves overnight having to significantly change their method of operation.  This situation has, more than ever, highlighted the need for a robust business continuity plan in the event that the worst case scenario should happen – and not just from the continuing struggles of the Pandemic but from every day risks, such as fire, flood, cyber-attacks, etc.

Delegates will be able to pick up some tips on how to pull together a plan detailing the necessary elements for their business and how to implement that plan should the need arise.  It’s also important to note here that should a business owner be looking to secure finance for their business there is a very strong possibility that the lender will ask for a business continuity plan to demonstrate the business has assessed risks and has a mechanism to combat those risks.