#DoDigital Webinar: Going Digital with Accounting, Tax & VAT

#DoDigital Webinar: Going Digital with Accounting, Tax & VAT

September 29, 2020
Online Webinar via Zoom @ 9.30am
9:30am - 12:00am
Why should I make the move to Digital Bookkeeping
& What is Cloud Accounting Software?


Presented by Sue Green from Rix green in partnership with Stoke-on-Trent & Staffordshire Growth Hub, this webinar will show companies the value of online digital bookkeeping and prove how it is much more than just complying with the Inland Revenue.

Join us to learn how to save time and money, and acquire real time information at your fingertips from making the move to digital bookkeeping and being able to see data from your office. No more waiting till the end of the month, quarter, year, or even nine months after the end of the year – you’ll know instantly if you have made any money and what you owe the TAX man.

With the recent pandemic we all appreciate the importance of feeling in control with our finances, and to be able to make good decisions on fact not instinct.



The speaker:
Sue Green

I’m not a numbers person, which surprises all my clients. Working with IT, and in particular, the Xero accounting software, doesn’t require a head for numbers, but it does manifest a passion for business!

I have worked with clients such as JCB, and the Ministry of Defence, and developed the foundations and experiences of running a business during those ten years. That time provided a deep understanding of how vital it is for business owners to have full control and visibility over their financial performance and processes.

My passion for training was born from helping businesses implement accounting systems. Seeing the problem-solving capabilities of using an accounting system was inspiring. But ONLINE software takes it to another level!

Every business can benefit from implementing online accounting software. The efficiency of these systems has a direct impact on productivity and profitability, and I’m passionate about helping my clients put these changes into action.