Advanced manufacturing workshops to help your business

January 28, 2021

The University of Birmingham are launching free online workshops that will be available to Staffordshire based manufacturing SME’s.


Attendees will learn what technologies are available and how can you implement these, along with what equipment and skills are required. The workshops will allow you to realise the costs and benefits of these technologies to your business and what help is available.

The workshops will cover each of the following technologies:
• Additive layer manufacturing (ALM) 3D printing
• Plasma metals processing
• Subtractive processing
• Medical devices manufacturing
• Hybrid manufacturing
• Robots and automation
• Laser manufacturing

For companies that are interested and have attended a workshop, an offer of 15 days FREE Advanced Manufacturing technology help will be available.



If you’re looking to explore how advanced manufacturing technologies can help you be more productive or provide a competitive edge then why not see what fully funded support you can access through the AMTECAA (Advanced Manufacturing Technologies to Create, Activate & Automate) programme.



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