World-leading incinerator firm hails DIT role in its export campaign

July 4, 2022

Case Study: Addfield, Burntwood

Exports have been at the core of dramatic growth for Staffordshire-based incinerator technology company Addfield, with DIT working alongside the company since it first decided to look for overseas sales in 2012. Specialist DIT advice, access to expert information about new markets and introduction to vital new contacts have all helped the company become a global leader.

The DIT support has helped the company – which now supplies hospitals, municipal authorities, agricultural and veterinary businesses, governments and aid agencies on every continent except Antarctica – move from a 2,500 sq ft unit to a 90,000 sq ft factory. With just three staff in 2008 it now employs 58 people with sales agents in 111 countries.

Operations director Derek Carr said: “We have worked with DIT and an international trade adviser from our first export trade, selling an incinerator to Libya. Last year we sold into our 101st overseas market, sending a Medical Waste Incinerator to Tajikistan, and we’ve just kept going. “DIT has proven an invaluable source of advice and information as we have expanded to more and more markets, enabling us to become the world leader in our field. We are even the preferred supplier to aid agencies such as Medicins Sans Frontieres. DIT provides access to a huge network of contacts and information, as well as access
to markets. “Even with the need to adapt to working more online, because of the coronavirus pandemic, we are still able to start looking at the USA as our next potential market.”

Addfield is now a DIT Export Champion company, helping and supporting other UK businesses venture into exporting opportunities.

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