3 tips to make your workplace a happier place to be

September 22, 2023

Employee satisfaction is such an essential part in a company’s performance and productivity.

Happy employees are more flexible, resilient, creative, make happier customers and work better with colleagues – fact!

Of course being happy isn’t just the responsibility of employers – it’s a shared responsibility, but this International Week of Happiness at Work, we’re inviting businesses across Staffordshire to start to make the change for a happier workplace.

It’s a time to celebrate and champion workplace wellbeing, but unfortunately Indeed’s Happiness Score says that only 27% of Brits report being happy at work most of the time.

But that’s where Workplace Health Staffordshire comes in to help you.  We know that being more energised, having a sense of belonging and good emotional wellbeing are all leading causes of a happy working life.

Here’s are just a few ways that Workplace Heath Staffordshire can help you put the joy back into your workplace:

  1. Provide access to healthy lifestyle support via the Everyone Health Service.
    Watch: Carthy Accountants lower sickness levels and raise staff wellbeing through health check MOTs
  2. Improve mental wellbeing by accessing mental health toolkits and training or simply share tips on moving more, eating well and sleeping better to boost employee wellbeing.
  3. Access health and wellbeing apps, via the Staffordshire Health App Finder – the best way to find the right, quality health apps for your employees.

And are you looking for free or fully-funded learning opportunities to help skill- up your staff and help them to keep learning; another recognised way to a happier life?  Contact the Staffordshire Jobs and Careers Employment Brokers to not only recruit from unexpected places, but also get the know-how to tap into those training pots.



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