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The global e-commerce industry is poised to be more lucrative than ever as the number of transactions taking place worldwide climbs. E-commerce sales globally are projected to reach $4.1 trillion in 2020. The shifting landscape of e-commerce presents both opportunity and challenge for businesses. Those with ambition that can adapt and innovate will profit from the expansive state of e-commerce.

Accessing the seemingly borderless global market might appear straightforward but there are hidden challenges involved. Selling to a market requires knowledge and awareness as the culture and tastes of one market are sometimes radically different from that of another.

For companies to generate global traffic to their website and convert consumers they must put money, time and resources into their marketing strategy. Not every business can afford this – that’s why we’ve implemented our selling overseas tool which supports UK businesses by providing them an easy search tool to match their products to suitable e-marketplaces.

An e-marketplace is a great option for businesses looking to simplify the process of exporting. Think of Amazon Marketplace; an e-marketplace is a platform which processes the transactions and shipping of third-party businesses listed on their platform.

A key benefit of e-marketplaces is that they present businesses with a straightforward and low-risk path to international consumers. Within an e-marketplace a business can attract consumers who are completely unfamiliar with their products as they browse. E-marketplaces allow businesses to reach out to new customers and develop their customer base whilst raising the profile of their brand internationally.

The first government service of its kind, our tool enables you to easily apply to leading overseas e-marketplaces. By applying through the DIT tool your business is eligible for preferential agreements with 39 marketplaces including waived commission and exclusive marketing packages.

Our selling overseas tool was designed to provide clear and relevant information to businesses looking to export. Located within our digital trade hub, the tool takes away the hassle of research and gives you profiles on various marketplaces with information including:

o             E-commerce adviser tips

o             Other businesses listed on this marketplace

o             Product positioning

o             Customer profiles

o             Marketplace requirements

o             Costs

o             Fulfilment and delivery

o             Marketplace support


Even if you already sell directly to international consumers through your company website, using our tool to find new access points to global buyers means you can expand your customer base and potentially drive those customers to your website in the future.

“At least 50% of our profits come from exporting via e-marketplaces. If we didn’t export online, we wouldn’t have a business.” Trevor Ginn, Hello baby, Founder

We also offer further e-commerce support through our regional network of trade advisers. If you’re thinking about exporting, or already export but would like advice on how to break into new markets, get in touch with us today at:


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