Incentive payments of up to £2000 to support employers to hire new apprentices

January 21, 2021

The coronavirus pandemic has hugely impacted the way many organisations work. The government are here to support organisations as they adapt and plan for the future.

They have introduced incentive payments of up to £2,000 to support employers who hire new apprentices. This includes hiring redundant apprentices.

The GOV.UK website have devised a new a portal where you can advertise your apprenticeship opportunity and recruit apprentices who have been made redundant. They will share your details with apprentices who are interested in your opportunity, so they can contact you directly.

Apprentices who have been made redundant may already have the knowledge, skills and behaviours to add value to your organisation.

These apprentices can:

  • fill key skill gaps in your organisation or your existing apprenticeship vacancies
  • continue with their apprenticeship and build on their existing skills
  • give you a quick return on investment as you’ll have a work-ready apprentice who already has relevant skills and experience

In doing this, you will be supporting an enthusiastic apprentice who has lost their job with a new opportunity.




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