Fully-funded back office support for businesses up to 5 year old

September 15, 2023


A new round of funding to give businesses a boost is now available across Staffordshire.

Funded by the UK Government, any business up to five years old can get fully-funded, expert and practical back office support from local experts with national reputations.

Often you don’t know what you don’t know when starting out in business, and even if you’ve been going for a few years, it often takes an expert to help you solve some of the challenges or realise the opportunities.

It’s all about helping your start-up to stay up.

Through just a two minute application, you can get practical, tangible support around your needs, such as:

  • social media
  • marketing (branding, website)
  • accountancy and financial planning
  • human resource
  • legal


The scheme supports businesses that are:

  • Based in Staffordshire. Unfortunately, the scheme cannot support businesses in Stoke on Trent at this time
  • Up to five years old

Explore how Get Started and Grow has already helped businesses in Staffordshire to start up and stay up



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