How will Brexit affect your business?

March 4, 2019

Negotiations around the UK’s withdrawal from, and future relationship with, the European Union continue to be one of the dominant features of the UK political landscape. The UK’s impending departure from the EU will bring change for businesses of every size and sector across Staffordshire. Since the referendum in June 2016, many in Westminster have been distracted by Brexit labels and ideologies.

As a Growth Hub, we are far more concerned about the practicalities for our local business communities. Since the decision to leave the EU, alongside our network partners and the British Chambers of Commerce (BCC), we have campaigned for answers to the pragmatic concerns of business. Business communities across Staffordshire have their own views on the nature of the future relationship between the UK and EU, but all want clarity on how they can operate with their nearest trading partner.

While some companies are already planning for the challenges and opportunities ahead, we believe that all firms – not just those directly and immediately affected – should be undertaking a Brexit ‘health check’ and a broader test of existing business plans. While the final settlement between the UK and EU remains to be agreed, there are steps that firms of all sizes can take now to start planning for the future.


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