Growth Hub reflects on the last year

March 23, 2021


12 months ago today, the Prime Minister addressed the nation and declared a national lockdown. After weeks of build-up it was somewhat expected, although never in our lifetime having encountered such an announcement, most of us still watched that address in a state of shock which would continue in ripples for months to come.

As a county, our resilience has been admirable. The amount of businesses who rapidly evolved their proposition to both assist the efforts and to adhere to the instructions instils a sense of pride to this day. We have been honoured to be here for Stoke-on-Trent & Staffordshire businesses at every step of the way. It’s been a supremely challenging year which has also given an opportunity for our county to demonstrate strength.

So today, we want to thank our wonderful businesses, our team who has gone above and beyond, plus our stakeholders and partners, who we have worked alongside through every step. It’s a day to look back, to honour those who have faced incredibly sad and difficult circumstances, plus also a day to celebrate our resilience and look forward.

We thank businesses for continuing to turn to us for support and we will be here with you as we move through the next stages of repair and recovery.

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